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Writing is my Passion !

  • Bonus
    The first thought that appears in mind with the word “Bonus” is something that does not belong to you, but you aspire for it. You strongly assume that you should have it because you deserve it. You have worked for hours to Months to achieve it. On the other hand, we do also have a […]
  • Colleagues
    I am IT skilled guy, and as per my observation, mostly skilled people are Introverts. I like to spend time with myself, small task completions helps in increasing my dopamine level. So I keep myself busy in surfing and software installations etc. I do not hate colleagues, but problem is that non-technical guys ask too […]
  • Letter to Confusion
    Dear Confusion, I am enjoying sound healthy, and I hope that you are still confused. It has been a long time, you did not visit me, or I might not have tried any adventure. Especially my heart misses you a lot because he has forgotten to skip the beats. In your last letter, you complained […]

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